The mental aspect of eSports is what often determines winners from losers. Rather than running sprints or lifting weights, you might find gamers solving complex puzzles or cross-training on various digital platforms. For Risers eSports winger, Jack Wildes, his mental exercise over the past 8-9 months has been LSAT preparation – ultimately passing the test while scoring in the top percentile. What is perhaps most impressive is that Wildes accomplished this under strict social distancing guidelines – meaning no coffee shops, libraries, or traditional study groups that many formerly in his position would rely on.

Wildes had this to say about the exam’s structure;

“The LSAT is easily one of the toughest academic endeavors I have ever participated in. I studied for about 8-9 months in order to get a 161. I also took it twice to achieve that score. Honestly, the toughest challenge while studying is changing the way you think. This test is not about memorizing and recalling facts or information — it truly challenges you to alter the way you process information. When met with a prompt you cannot assume anything to be true. It is very difficult to eliminate our human habit to assume information to be true. They want to know that when you are presented with an argument you are prepared to highlight the flaw in the argument and say why the support does not justify the conclusion and so often we are prone to doing the opposite.”

Given the overwhelming demands and future implications on his career, its not hard to imagine that Coach Style and Jack’s Risers teammates took notice during the beginning of MKG’s eNPSL campaign.

“I knew Jack wasn’t himself earlier this season” Coach Style observed, “We try not to be a toxic culture, we try to have a safe family for players to go through things and be out of form and it’s OKAY. They will get a chance to get back into the team. Jack has been immense for us when it matters most, scored huge goals against top backlines. And to think it’s because during this pandemic, which eliminated him walking at college graduation, he was focused and studying for an LSAT, which is one of the hardest standardized tests. It literally brings me to tears. This guy is killing it percentile-wise on a test to get into law school while also beating backlines in FIFA… oh man you can’t make this up.”

So why did Jack Wildes choose such a rigorous course with his career? And how does playing FIFA ulitmately help him achieve real world success?

“I have wanted to practice Law since pre-high school. I want to be a part of something bigger — something that is focused on truly making individual’s lives better. I want to have a firsthand impact on protecting people and ensuring their voices are heard. Law is the gateway to a political career and I would not mind considering spending my time in the political scene in the future” Wildes added, “Pro Clubs, for me, is, in a way, just another challenge that I have to overcome. You have to accept humility, know when you’re failing to see the bigger picture, and alter your way of thinking (or your play style) just as the LSAT asks you to alter your habits. Pro clubs is just another opportunity for self-growth and positive humiliation. It’s great to have an outlet that helps you to see the importance in changing your perspective, understanding, or thought process.”

Those who are familiar with the Risers culture can quickly identify that Jack is a program guy, someone who embodies a Riser both on and off the field. His feedback regarding the team, however, solidifies the mutual benefit that players like Jack experience while operating within the Risers organization.

“So far, the Risers is the most fun I have had in competitive gaming. I really have been going through a rough patch skill and clarity wise on the pitch. I have great nights and awful nights. Nonetheless, my team backs me up and supports me even when I’m down. That’s a great feeling to have when you feel nothing is working for you. It keeps you going. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to take part in representing this team in eSports.”

The Risers return to eSports action LIVE on Facebook and Twitch next Wednesday night as the team competes in Virtual Pro Gaming America’s Championship Division. The team currently sits in 3rd place as the season has only just begun!