The Muskegon Risers organization was established in January of 2014 to help facilitate positive social and economic change along the Muskegon Lakeshore through the game of soccer. A Riser is someone who understands their community’s potential and who pushes themselves and others to realize that potential. Our ‘Risers’ name was inspired by the ‘Muskegon, Together Rising’ sculpture that stands in the heart of downtown Muskegon. Risers are not limited to an era, industry or ethnicity. The Muskegon Risers represent the spirit of our community’s people – a community which spans the globe.


“Muskegon” originates from the word “mashkig” of the area’s indigenous Ojibwe tribe, and our arrow-shaped crest recognizes this history. Geographically, the City is positioned on Lake Michigan and has the only deep water port, Muskegon Lake, on Michigan’s west coast. As a Port City, shipping, boating and beach-going help shape Muskegon’s modern industry and culture. The crest’s blue and green colors are a reflection of Muskegon’s natural beauty as a lakeside community, particularly during the spring, summer and fall seasons. During the Muskegon Risers winter arena season, our crest colors change to black and white as Muskegon Lake freezes and lake effect snow blankets the community. The unique symbol located at the crest’s top – layered over iconic sun and waves – is derived from the sculpture at the heart of Downtown Muskegon named “Muskegon, Together Rising”.