MUSKEGON, MI (December 21, 2021) – The Muskegon Risers have agreed to a four-year arena soccer broadcasting deal with CatchMark SportsNet, a Whitehall-based network founded with the goal of providing a cutting edge media presence with expert coverage. CatchMark SportsNet’s core desire is to give back to local communities and their athletes.

“CatchMark is excited to become a partner with the Muskegon Risers and to live-stream their arena games,” said CatchMark Technologies managing partner Brent Raeth. “Downtown Muskegon is coming alive as an entertainment hot spot, including the remodeled Mercy Health Arena, the indoor home of the Risers. CatchMark has enjoyed much success with its live streams in other sports, such as football and basketball, and looks forward to providing viewers with a great experience as they follow the Risers.”

“The Risers believe in collaborating through local partnerships and as our conversations progressed with Brent, it was clear both organizations share a distinct passion for the Muskegon Lakeshore,” added Risers Director of Operations, Matt Schmitt. “We have challenged Brent and his team at CatchMark to produce broadcast quality that will be appealing to regional and national audiences as we continue to find creative ways for more people to learn about our community and enjoy Risers arena soccer. With multiple cameras, motion graphics, a crew of announcers, and in-stream advertising, both parties expect the quality of Risers arena soccer broadcasts through CatchMark SportsNet to resemble national networks over the course of this partnership.”

The agreement, which extends through 2025, encompasses both men’s and women’s arena games. For more information about CatchMark SportsNet, give them a look on Facebook and YouTube, and visit their Website.