The Muskegon Risers program has experienced substantial growth since forming in early 2014. The team, originally started as an independent and playing exclusively outdoors, is now a member of the Premier Arena Soccer League indoors (January through March) and the Premier League of America outdoors (May through August). Today represents yet another level ofthis growth, as the Muskegon Risers have signed a 3-year contract with New Balance.

The contract, scheduled from 2018 through 2020, will encompass both the arena and outdoor seasons, and will provide Risers players and staff with kits, lifestyle and training gear from head-to-toe, in addition to promotional collaboration through digital and traditional mediums. New Balance will also be the main supplier of Muskegon Risers retail apparel, which will include exact indoor and outdoor team jersey replicas. Upon the completion of this deal, New Balance will have “first-rights” to extending the agreement for an even greater period of time. 2017 will be viewed as a transition year by both parties.

“New Balance and myself are very excited to start this new partnership with the Muskegon Risers.” said New Balance representative, Paul Hummel, “I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with a club with such a strong presence with in their community!”

Possibly the most exciting element of this deal is New Balance’s ability to manage Muskegon’s current level of growth, while also providing a support system necessary to take the brand to the next level. MKG’s President of Operations, Matt Schmitt, has emphasized this move as highly strategic, “We have a massive, clear vision for the direction of the Muskegon Risers brand and New Balance is a perfect fit to help us achieve the ambitious goals we have created.” Schmitt said, “The level of scalability and support that New Balance provides will not only strengthen our team’s branding, it will also help boost the brand of the community we represent here along the Muskegon Lakeshore. We have tremendous people on this team and throughout the community that we are thrilled to serve in partnership with New Balance.”

Excitement has surged through the rest of the team as well. Read below for direct quotes from Coach Ritsema, Stuart Collins (team captain), and players Ryan Wagenmaker and Paris Martins.

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“The NB deal is very exciting for the club. This is a positive sign of growth that players, staff and fans can be proud of. Fans are going to love the new jerseys and we look forward to seeing them wearing them in the crowd!“ — Stu Collins, Team Captain

“I just want to say that I am tremendously excited about our new kits and am very excited we decided to sign with New Balance. Having new kits will almost feel like a new start, giving us the chance to look good while we play good. Hoping the new kits will bring us many wins to come in the future!” — Paris Martins

“I’m excited about the new kits from New Balance. They are an up and coming brand in soccer and I like their products a lot. I think moving forward for the Risers, its exciting to see adjustments in many things as we continue to grow. I believe the two go hand in hand and I’m looking forward to this future partnership” — Ryan Wagenmaker

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In 2017, select New Balance products will be available at Risers home games and through our online store: